Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Placement in London

Quarta-feira, Maio 29, 2024 - 19:34

Throughout my elective project, I had the privilege of immersing myself in the field of plastic surgery in London. The dream of working in a hospital and being inside the operating room has been with me since childhood. When the opportunity to shadow a plastic surgeon arose, I seized it without hesitation. My own weight loss journey had sparked a keen interest in plastic surgery, and I was eager to explore how this specialty blends artistry and precision to reshape the human body. Observing the transformative impact of surgery on patients' physical and emotional well-being was incredibly inspiring. This led me to Mr. Omar Tillo, a distinguished plastic surgeon based in the UK, whose daily routine I would observe for four weeks.

My days were filled with diverse experiences, from being in the operating room to participating in a plastic surgery masterclass, engaging in business meetings, and even assisting in promotional activities for Mr. Tillo’s clinic. The week typically alternated between consultation days and surgery days, providing a comprehensive overview of the plastic surgery field. During consultations, I witnessed how Mr. Tillo interacted with patients, gathering detailed medical histories, and discussing surgery options, conditions, benefits, and risks.

Surgery days were particularly exciting. Arriving early at the clinic, I would observe the patient marking process and the anaesthetist’s preparations. Each procedure began with a team briefing, and during surgeries, I stood by Mr. Tillo’s side, asking questions, and absorbing as much knowledge as possible. These experiences bridged the gap between my theoretical knowledge and real-world applications, enhancing my understanding of the intricate techniques involved in this specialty.

In addition to the medical aspects, I gained insights into the operational side of running a plastic surgery medical practice. I attended business meetings where pricing and patient management strategies were discussed and participated in Care Quality Commission (CQC) meetings that focused on maintaining healthcare standards. I also witnessed the importance of marketing in the medical field when a journalist filmed Mr. Tillo for social media content.

My time in London profoundly shaped my understanding of plastic surgery and reinforced my commitment to the field. Observing the doctor-patient relationship in such a diverse and high-paced environment highlighted the importance of empathy, cultural competence, and effective communication. The connections I made with surgeons, nurses, and other healthcare professionals will undoubtedly benefit my future career. This elective not only provided invaluable hands-on experience, but also instilled in me a sense of confidence and determination to pursue my goals in medicine. It was a transformative journey that enriched my medical education and prepared me for the challenges and rewards of a career in healthcare.

Carolina Girotto, 2nd year student

Testemunho_Carolina de Sá Girotto
Carolina de Sá Girotto