UCP joins ScienceForUkraine platform to help Ukrainian scientists

Monday, March 14, 2022 - 16:38

The Católica Medical School, the Faculty of Education and Psychology and the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Health (CIIS) of UCP have joined the ScienceForUkraine platform. The goal is to offer help to scientists from Ukraine who want to continue their scientific projects in Portugal.

By joining, the Católica Medical School aims to "help people working in biomedical sciences/medicine, whose scientific activities have been interrupted because of the war between Russia and Ukraine".

Within this scope, according to the direction of the Católica Medical School, "students from post-graduate programs, researchers and professors are accepted".

"Office space, laboratories with access to sophisticated equipment, laboratory reagents, personal computer with internet access and library access are also provided." Furthermore, adds the direction, Católica Medical School "will facilitate obtaining accommodation and scholarships or financial support to refugees, through its own channels".

Also present in the ScienceForUkraine network, the Faculty of Education and Psychology explains its adhesion by the fact that the Faculty is "an international and multicultural community, where inclusion in its broadest sense is one of the values that is most defended". This is why, according to the Faculty's direction, "it would like to offer opportunities to academics coming from Ukraine, being available to cooperate with the government and other relevant agencies in this process, in order to find the best solutions".

FEP will therefore "offer academic and administrative support, namely, work space, supervision by its team in the most varied areas of Psychology and Education, equipment from its neuroscience laboratory (the Human Neurobehavioral Laboratory) and support for applications for research funding for long-term financial support".

"There is also the availability to welcome students from the three study cycles and researchers from the two scientific areas of the Faculty (Education and Psychology) who want to contribute with research projects under development in the research centre," adds the direction.