União das Misericórdias Portuguesas

União das Misericórdias Portuguesas

The União das Misericórdias Portuguesas (UMP) was created in 1976 to guide, coordinate, encourage and represent the Santas Casas de Misericórdia, defending their interests and organizing services of common interest.

Health care is a central part of the Misericórdias’ origins, which, over the centuries, have adapted this care to the needs of each era. Hospitals and continuous care are the most visible aspects of this work, whose objective is to respond, with quality, to the communities where they operate.

In the area of ​​long-term care, Misericórdias are responsible for more than half of the total beds of the National Network of Integrated Continuous Care. Santas Casas are also owners of hospitals that, under Decree-Law No. 138/2013, are part of the National Health Service.

The Misericórdias health network also has complementary means of diagnosis and therapy, primary care, pharmacies and mental health units.

In addition to the provision of health services, UMP and Misericórdias have promoted the reflection, internally and with partners, about the new health needs of the Portuguese, with a particular focus on dementia and ageing.

The União das Misericórdias Portuguesa, through its Health Units, collaborates with the Católica Medical School in clinical teaching, tutorials and curricular internships for students.

All healthcare units of the União das Misericórdias Portuguesas are:


  • Anadia | Hospital José Luciano de Castro
  • Benavente | Hospital S. José
  • Entroncamento | Hospital S. João Baptista
  • Espinho | COGE-Clínica Obstetrícia Ginecologia Espinho
  • Esposende | Hospital Valentim Ribeiro
  • Évora | Hospital da Misericórdia de Évora
  • Fafe | Hospital de S. José
  • Fão | Hospital de Fão
  • Felgueiras | Hospital Agostinho Ribeiro
  • Leiria | Hospital D. Manuel de Aguiar
  • Lisboa | Centro de Medicina de Reabilitação do Alcoitão
  • Lisboa | Hospital Sant'Ana
  • Lousada | Hospital da Misericórdia de Lousada
  • Marco de Canaveses | Hospital Santa Isabel
  • Mealhada | Hospital da Misericórdia da Mealhada
  • Nazaré | Hospital da Confraria Nossa Senhora da Nazaré
  • Porto | Hospital da Prelada
  • Póvoa de Lanhoso | Hospital António Lopes
  • Resende | Hospital da Misericórdia de Resende
  • Riba de Ave | Hospital Narciso Ferreira
  • Serpa | Hospital de São Paulo
  • Vila do Conde | Hospital da Misericórdia de Vila do Conde
  • Vila Verde | Hospital da Misericórdia de Vila Verde