Admission Requirements

1. Requirements:

  Entrance exams:

    02 — Biology and Geology (B)


    07 — Physics and Chemistry (Q)


    16 — Mathematics

2. Prerequisites:

a) Selection

  - Minimum English proficiency score: Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF or CEFR): level C1 *

  - Group A – Interpersonal Communication

b) Ranking **:

  - Motivation letter

  - Skills tests

  - Interview     

3. Minimum admission score:

   Minimum entrance exam score: 140 points (0 to 200)

   Minimum application score: 150 points (0 to 200)

4. Formula for calculating scores, according to Decree-Law No. 296-A/98, of 25 September:

  Secondary school grade point average: 50%

  Entrance exams: 35%

  Ranking prerequisites: 15%

* As requested in Applications.

** To be set every year.

Access to study cycles at Universidade Católica Portuguesa follows rules, which are subject to regulations published by the University.

The Regulation of Application and Admission to the degree of integrated studies leading to a Master’s degree in Medicine from the Medical School of the Universidade Católica Portuguesa complies with the general and specific regulations established for the system of access to higher education, under the terms of Decree-Law No. 296-A/98, of September 25, in its current wording, which regulates the system of application and admissions to public, private, and non-state public higher education, and Decree-Law No. 128/90, of April 17, which establishes the specific framework of the Universidade Católica Portuguesa within the Portuguese higher education system.

Applicants who seek admission to the integrated programme leading to a Master’s degree in Medicine (that is, the Integrated Master’s in Medicine) from the Católica Medical School will be subject to the criteria described in this document, to the same standard as those of public universities conferring the same degree.