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a. What is the size of the work in progress in the future building of the Medical School? (what is being built, remodelled)

The building, located on the Sintra campus, it is already being renovated to welcome the Católica Medical School and will play a principal role in the creation of two spaces: an anatomy laboratory and a vivarium. Additionally, all the other spaces in the building will be modernized, such as, the skillslabs; the classrooms; the auditorium and lecture halls; the cafeteria; the library, among many others.

More information at Sintra Campus Building and Facilities and Equipment.

b. What does the medicine building have after the works?

The building adaptation project of the Católica Medical School has been completed and it is already being executed.

The building will have the necessary infrastructure to carry out of the Integrated Masters in Medicine.

For more information see Facilities and Equipment.

c. When will the Medical School be inaugurated?

The opening of the Catolica Medical School is scheduled for September 1, 2021.

d. Where will the Medical School be based?

The Católica Medical School is located on the Sintra campus.

For more information see Sintra Campus Building.

e. How many openings are there in the Medical School?

In the first year of the course opening, 50 students will be admitted and progressively increasing up to 100 students per year.

More information at Introduction.

f. When will the course start to be taught?

The Integrated Master in Medicine will start on September 13, 2021.

g. Who will be part of the governing bodies of the Medical School?

The constitution of the governing bodies of the Católica Medical School will be published soon.

h. Who can I contact for more information about the project?

The preferred contact is the email address of the Católica Medical School.


Note: You must put in the subject of the email "Media" followed by "institution's name" and "subject".

i. Will Católica medical students be able to practice their profession with the same preparation as public school students?

The Integrated Master in Medicine at the Católica Medical School follows all national and European guidelines, more information in the Direção-Geral do Ensino Superior.

Higher education in Medicine is regulated at European level, with a view to the professional recognition among the Member States.

j. In what aspects is the medicine course of Católica different from the others?

The Integrated Master in Medicine at the Católica Medical School offers several differentiating features that make it unique and innovative.

More information in Differentiating features.

k. Knowing that the Order of Doctors believes that UCP students will not be equally prepared because the socio-economic conditions of NHS patients are different from those of public hospitals, how will UCP prepare students for this situation?

The students of the Integrated Masted in Medicine of Católica Medical School, in addition to clinical rotations and interships healthcare units in Grupo Luz Saúde, they will also have access to different hospital environments, including:

The Católica Medical School will enter into cooperation agreements with other hospitals and health units of the National Health Service (SNS) and/or that cooperate with it, to ensure that its students are exposed to a wide range of environments and clinical pathologies.

More information at Clinical Partnership – Grupo Luz Saúde.

l. There is currently talk about the lack of doctors in Portugal. Does the medical course at Católica appear with the aim of making up for this need?

The Católica Medical School, with the Integrated Master in Medicine, proposes to offer high-quality medical education, expanding the training offered in Portugal and contributing to the quality of medicine in our country.

More information at Mission, Vision and General Objectives.

m. What is the reason for the course to be taught in English?

The Universidade Católica Portuguesa offers 21 diploma awarding degrees  in English, distributed among Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degrees.

It should be noted that the fact that the study cycle will be taught in English will contribute to the internationalization of Portuguese medical education, which is another distinguishing aspect of this study cycle and an asset for Portuguese higher education.

More information at Teaching Methods.

n. What is the tuition fee?

The value of tuition will reflect the estimated real cost of training a doctor in Portugal.

More information at Scholarships and Tuition fee.