Biostatistics Laboratory


The Biostatistics Laboratory of Católica Medical School (CMS) has as its mission the teaching, research and consultancy in Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and related areas of knowledge, including Bioinformatics and Data Science, in the context of Health Technologies. In this context, the Laboratory intends to provide methodological support to all teaching and research areas of CMS, as well as, although in a subsidiary way to the responsibility for CMS, to all Organic Units and Research Centers of UCP related to Health Sciences. It also intends to support all clinical groups and project structures associated with CMS in topics associated with Evidence-Based Medicine within their areas of expertise.

Practice Areas

The Laboratory is organized and operates in three main areas:


  • Teaching of 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycles, formalized in curricular units;
  • Elective or support training through integrated programs in curricular units, or as a pedagogical complement in any cycle of studies;
  • Continuous training, integrated in, or consisting of seminars, conferences and workshops, open to students, teachers and researchers of UCP;
  • The same, but open to the outside in a perspective of Executive Training, emphasizing the potential of relationship with the clinical staff of associated hospitals;
  • Supervision, alone or in collaboration, of monographs, research papers, internship reports, master's dissertations and doctoral theses.


  • Development, alone or in collaboration with internal or external partners, of scientific research activities in the field of Biostatistics, with a particular focus on clinical research;
  • Integration in projects and common actions with other entities, internal or external, private or public, complementing them in areas of activity related to Biostatistics;

Focus on

  • Clinical investigation, from case reports to Clinical Research Trials;  
  • Pre-clinical laboratory research;
  • Population studies (observational epidemiological studies);
  • Educational, with a view to the development of best pedagogical and research practices, as well as the identification of cases and subjects relevant to teaching.


  • Consulting and outsourcing services in Biostatistics, with particular focus on methodological support, from the design of the study to the performance of the analyses and assistance in the interpretation and discussion, in the scope of projects, scientific publications, and theses;
  • Consulting services in areas in which the resources of the Laboratory have recognized scientific capacity;
  • Training, at the level of Biostatistics, of other structures of UCP and of third parties that wish to develop their own teaching, research and development activities in this area.

How to use the services of the Laboratory

  • The detailed regulation of the Laboratory can be consulted here
  • All requests should be directed to the email – all formal requests must be accompanied by the complete form.


João Miguel Santos Pereira