The Postgraduation in Nutrition and Metabolism in Cancer adopts a methodology of teaching for problems, with an approach with theoretical and theoretical-practical exhibitions, thematic seminars, interactive sessions with discussion of clinical cases, presentation / discussion of scientific articles aimed at the cancer patient in the hospital or outpatient clinic. The active participation of trainees will be privileged.

Course evaluation – quantitative throughout 4 tests counting 70% final grade.

The tests (based on multiple choice questions) will each address topics from 4 or 5 modules throughout the course, and will evaluate content taught in those respective modules.

The remaining 30% of the grade, will be based on a final work developed by the student throughout the course, with a tutor.

Learning Results

We intend that students will be stimulated to acquire skills in nutrition associated with cancer, but also in public health and nutrition, mechanisms of nutritional deterioration, pathophysiology of cancer cachexia, psychology and nutrition, physical activity, body composition, and also in areas such as patient self-instruction (virtual acquired information).

Besides greater knowledge and specialized competence in nutrition, this program also entails on enabling and stimulating research in all scenarios related to the scientific domain in cancer: clinical, translational, fundamental and epidemiological.

Postgraduate Course in Nutrition and Metabolism in Cancer_Teaching and Evaluation Methods



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