Facilities and Equipment

The Sintra campus extends over an area of about 10,000 m2, and a building was designed to house an academic teaching and research unit. For this purpose, a project was developed to adapt the building.

Católica Medical School has all the infrastructure in place to carry out the Integrated Masters in Medicine. The building now includes classrooms, amphitheatres, laboratories, library and documentation centre, as well as all support services.  

More specifically, the Católica Medical School campus encompasses the following spaces:

  • One Auditorium (350 seats)
  • Two Lecture Halls (100 seats each)
  • 12 Tutoring classrooms equipped with all kinds of audiovisual equipment and Wi-Fi
  • One modern Anatomy Laboratory, fully equipped for performing practical anatomy activities
  • Eight practical classrooms with audiovisual equipment, anatomical models, anatomical-physiological simulators and technical equipment
  • Seven rooms for training and evaluation of clinical skills with audio and video recording
  • Two computer rooms (with 55 computers each) connected to the internet and network
  • Six research and teaching laboratories, with various support units, fully equipped with cutting-edge technology (e.g. flow cytometry, microscopy, others)
  • One Vivarium
  • Three study rooms (150-student capacity, with individualized spaces)
  • Academic and Administrative area
  • Library and Information area
  • Computer and Multimedia Support area
  • Facilities and Equipment area
  • Chapel
  • Cafeteria, bar and social areas
  • Garage