The learning objectives of the Integrated Master in Medicine include:

  • Providing students with knowledge in the basic sciences, as support for the learning of clinical sciences and corresponding demonstration of skills;
  • Providing students with the mastery of the necessary skills for the practice of Medicine, in order to critically approach clinical problems (developing critical thinking, communication and information management skills);
  • Promoting the acquisition of skills that allow the assessment of patients: carrying out a clinical history and respective physical examination, identifying the medical problem(s) and formulating an accurate diagnosis, indicating the causes and solutions;
  • Training students in communication techniques that allow effective interaction with patients, families, medical staff and other healthcare professionals;
  • Providing students with fundamental guidelines and concepts for the application of ethical principles, in all aspects of medical practice, and allowing them to reflect on relevant social issues;
  • Preparing students for the effective use of information technologies, which allow the evaluation and critical interpretation of biomedical data, using the fundamentals of “data-science” and selecting the best treatment for patients;
  • Enabling students to plan, explore and generate knowledge in health through research, in the context of Medicine, namely translational research;
  • Enabling students with self-learning skills that allow the constant updating of knowledge throughout life;
  • Technically preparing students for the practice of Medicine, through practical methodologies, using medical simulation.

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