Inauguration Ceremony Marks the Beginning of a New Term of the Students' Union

Wednesday, November 8, 2023 - 18:19

In an incredible display of unity and enthusiasm, the Students' Union of Católica Medical School held the Inauguration Ceremony of its newly elected leaders in an event that left a beautiful impression on the campus community. The ceremony, held on the 26th of October 2023, was a celebration of the beginning of a new term, with a dynamic group of student leaders ready to steer the union towards a brighter future.

The inauguration ceremony took place at the lecture hall 1, where a diverse crowd of students, faculty, and staff gathered to witness this important event. The presence of esteemed faculty members Professor João Santos Pereira and Professor Bruno Cardoso added an additional layer of significance to the inauguration ceremony.

Notably, the ceremony also received the support and presence of guests other than from our campus. The National Association of Medical Students (ANEM) sent the representatives João Cardoso and Joana Oliveira to witness the event, showcasing the significance of this inauguration on a national scale.

Additionally, Beatriz Araújo Pires and Raquel Encarnação da Silva, President and Vice-President respectively of the Students’ Union of the Católica Nursing School (AEEEL ICS UCP) graced the occasion strengthening the connection between the two Health Sciences Institutions of the Catholic University of Portugal.

Our fellow colleagues from the Students’ Union of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon (AEFML) Ana Raquel Rodrigues, Alexandre Coragem and Gonçalo Fernandes also appeared to our ceremony, signifying the unity and collaboration among medical academic institutions in the great region of Lisbon.

Professors Florbela Rita, Maria Margarida Machado and Rui Manuel Ferreira Jorge from the School Grouping of D. João II. attended the event, showing their support for the newly elected student leaders and renewing the commitment of the academic exchange between schools.

The newly elected bodies of the Students’ Union, included the Chairmen of the General Assembly: Gonçalo Santos Silva as Secretary, Carolina Carvalho as Vice-president and Inês Lajas as President; the new Pedagogic Council student representatives Bárbara Nunes and Carlota Carvalho from the 1st year, Constança Rydin and Inês Duarte from the 2nd year, and finally Beatriz Matias and Sofia Bernardes from the 3rd year. The Audit Board constituted by the Secretary Vitória Reis, Vice-President Morgan Guedes and President Inês Dias; and finally by the Direction board team composed by the Member of Internal Affairs  Maria Neto Carvalho, Mafalda Martinho Member of External Affairs, Secretary Beatriz Serra, President of the Social Action Department Joana Sampaio, President of the Communication Department Marta Miguel, President of the Events Department Mariana Coelho and President of the Sports Department Beatriz Ferreira and Treasurer Marta Morais. Finally at the head of the Students’ Union, Francisco Fernandes Afonso as Vice-President of External Affairs, Joana Martins as Vice-President of Internal Affairs and Ana Catarina Rita Raimundo, the President.

The highlights of the ceremony were the inspiring speeches delivered by the newly elected leaders, where they outlined their visions and commitments for the upcoming term. The President of the General Assembly, Inês Lajas made an emotional address, emphasizing the importance of unity, collaboration, and inclusivity in creating a stronger campus community and guided the ceremony in a great manner. The President, Ana Raimundo echoed these sentiments and expressed further enthusiasm for working alongside the fellow leaders to build and continue sailing on the journey of the young Católica Medical School Students’ Union.

By Francisco Fernandes Afonso and Mafalda Martinho

Cerimónia CatólicaSU
Cerimónia CatólicaSU
Cerimónia CatólicaSU
Cerimónia CatólicaSU