Participation of Católica Medical School in AMEE 2023 - Annual Conference for Health Professions Education - Glasgow

Friday, November 10, 2023 - 15:01

The AMEE 2023 - Annual Conference for Health Professions Education - took place in Glasgow in August this year. This annual conference, the largest in the discipline, brings together thousands of professionals in this area every year, including researchers from all over the world. This meeting disseminates the latest studies, data and innovations in the field of Medical Education, providing teachers, students and all those involved in training the doctors of the future with resources based on the latest scientific evidence.

Three members of the Department of Medical Education of the Portuguese Catholic University Medical School attended this conference (Sofia Menéres, Frederico Couto and Pedro Mateus), taking part in the numerous activities and contributing to the discussion, both in the working groups held over the three days of the meeting and with a paper on a study carried out at the Faculty of Medicine of the UCP. This was an excellent opportunity to establish and strengthen relations with medical education departments and medical schools from all over the world, through their professionals, who are invested in the continuous improvement of the education of doctors and other health professionals.

Foto noticia Glasgow