Paula Ravasco Lab

Nutrition and Metabolism Lab
CatólicaMed - Paula Ravasco Lab

Paula Ravasco, MD, RD, MSc, PhD ORCID: 0000-0002-6056-8269

We are a multidisciplinary team focused on clinical/translational research in nutrition and metabolism, and modulation of disease outcomes.

Our research has consubstantiated the major impact of active and personalised medical nutrition on cancer prognosis, thus contributing to change in clinical practice and integrated cancer patient’ management.

Our goal is to explore the potential and magnitude of nutrition as disease mediator, and nutrition/life-style related risk factors in Cancer, Quality of Life, metabolic dysfunction, body composition, nutrients, disease modulation and survival.

We also aim to clarify the predictive role of body composition, muscle attenuation variables and functional scores in cancer survival, and the role of protein and immune-modulating nutrients.

Keywords: Nutrition; Body composition; Cancer; Diet; Chemotherapy; Radiotherapy; Immunotherapy; Medical nutrition therapy

Ongoing projects

  1. Sarcopenia, inflammation and body composition: predictors of cancer prognosis
  2. Multimodal approach in patients with cancer during first-line oncological treatment 
  3. Validation and global utilization of imageology and impedance techniques to assess body composition

Selected references

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