SHE Summer Course - Universidade de Maastricht

Segunda-feira, Julho 17, 2023 - 16:01

Nove professores da Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade Católica Portuguesa estiveram presentes no She Summer Course da Universidade de Maastricht de 3 a 7 de julho de 2023.  

Neste curso, os Professores compartilharam diversos anos de experiência teórica e prática na conceção, gestão e avaliação da aprendizagem em currículos centrados no aluno, conforme implementado pela  Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences of Maastricht University. O programa ofereceu uma introdução e uma visão global dos principais componentes e características da abordagem de Maastricht para a educação centrada no aluno e, em particular, como projetar, implementar e avaliar um currículo centrado no aluno. Foram desenvolvidas diversas sessões de Problem-based learning  como o principal exemplo de aprendizagem centrada no aluno, bem como formatos alternativos de trabalho (por exemplo, aprendizagem baseada em equipe, sala de aula invertida e o modelo de design instrucional de quatro componentes (modelo 4C/ID )). 

Leia infra os testemunhos dos nossos Professores que participaram no Summer Course: 

“This course offered me a transformative experience that empowered me to create dynamic and engaging learning environments. Throughout the course, we dive deep into the principles and practices of problem-based learning, gaining valuable insights into its application across diverse educational settings. This experience begins with an exploration of the theoretical foundations, followed by practical strategies for designing and implementing problem-based learning activities. Engaging in collaborative discussions, hands-on activities, and case studies, we developed a repertoire of skills to facilitate student-centered learning experiences. The course fosters a growth mindset and encourages reflection on pedagogical approaches, allowing tutors to refine their instructional practices. By the end of the course, I felt equipped with a comprehensive toolkit, a newfound enthusiasm, and the confidence to guide students in navigating real-world challenges and developing critical thinking skills.” Daniel Trabulo 

“This course was really an immersive experience in student-centered learning. It is an absolute game-changer, empowering students to take charge of their education and become active participants in their learning journey. And let me tell you, our group of colleagues is beyond amazing! Working alongside such a wonderful and supportive bunch did undoubtedly make this experience even more enriching and enjoyable. We are certainly ready to unleash your potential and embark on an incredible learning adventure together!” Carla Noronha 

“The summer course allows me to experience the true joy of teaching, collaboration and learning. A profoundly life changing experience.” Cristina Lobato 

“This is a one-week intensive course that immerses the participants in the student-centered educational project which we are implementing at Católica Medical School. We are driven into this learning methodology as students and apply the learning principles in a very practical way. Throughout the course we reflect on different perspectives of student-centered learning, teaching skills, teaching management interactions, assessment, as well as different formats of student-centered learning. It is a very engaging, interactive, and inspiring course.” Maria da Cunha  

“An enriching, inspiring, collaborative and enlightening learning environment that allowed us to focus on key teaching strategies, improve our mindsets and educational views on problem-based learning / student-centered education, and how to deliver it to UCP with the excellence it deserves. Worth every second!” Ricardo Santana Veiga 

“This academic experience in Maastricht as part of an inspiring group from Catolica Medical School allowed me a mindset shift towards student-centred learning in medicine. Academic environments can be fun and multidimensional, allowing individual students to understand, control, and direct their own learning, and ultimately to become effective lifelong learners!” Sandra Faias 

“The SHE Summer School about PBL and beyond: applying student centered learning principles in your education was really one of the most enriching experiences for us, as a teachers and as a persons. We had the opportunity to learn about how to place the students’ needs at the heart of our education methods. Everyone is a single person; every student is different and singular; one and all that walks into one of our UCP classrooms has a story – hope, fears, courage, challenges, promise, talent, hearth-break, complexity…! This is real life, not only an allegory, and it really matters. 

The course was a deep reflection about the way we want to touch the future, so, a deeper understanding about where we come from, where we are, and where we want to go - to be able to answer to the challenges and needs of current and future society – with an high performance learning. How to prepare young people for the future they have chosen and for life? In our effort to design learning experiences, curriculum, technology, and all the other moments of education, we have always to ask about every single student need. 

Many things in our daily life can happen to change the person we have become, the way we think and do things, particularly in our work, but also by emerging ourselves. This was one of the most rewarding courses of our career, regarding the program, the teacher’s team from Maastricht University, and the remarkable group of students from Portugal, Poland and South Africa. Thank you all!” Mara de Sousa Freitas & Francisca Leite 

"I visited the Maastricht University for the summer school on student centred learning with the expectation of improving my skills and knowledge on this innovative teaching philosophy. When returning to Lisbon, I feel inspired by my colleagues from Catolica Medical School and the staff at Maastricht University to build a fascinating and prestigious school for our students. For our students... that is our challenge and responsibility. We must allow our students to develop the essential skills to make a relevant contribution to every patient, in our hospitals, in the community, in healthcare management and in healthcare policies." Afonso Félix Oliveira

SHE Summer Course