CONDItions for application application and tuition fees

On this page, you will find the necessary requirements to apply to the PhD in Medical Sciences and other information regarding the application steps.

Conditions for Application

The application implies reading the course announcement of PhD in Medical Sciences.


Applicants should read the Terms of Confidentiality and Processing of Personal Data.

All contacts and/or clarifications of information should be made by email to

To apply, you will need to register and submit all the required information and documentation. All the information is available on this page and in the course announcement.

Conditions for Admission of Applicants

- Hold a master’s degree or legal equivalent in the areas of Medicine, Dental Medicine, Biomedical Sciences or Health and Life Sciences.

- Exceptionally, hold an undergraduate degree with a minimum grade of 16 and, cumulatively, hold a particularly relevant academic or scientific curriculum that is recognised as attesting to their ability to complete this cycle of studies by the Scientific Council of the unit that oversees the speciality of the degree.

Necessary Documentation

During the application process, all applicants must complete an online form and attach the requested documents:

  • Passport-type photo;
  • Identification Document;
  • Academic Degree Certificate(s);
  • Detailed Curriculum Vitae, including reference to published or other duly documented work;
  • Motivation letter, may include the aim of the project to be developed (maximum 2 pages);
  • Other documents containing elements that the applicant considers relevant to the assessment of their application.

Assessment of Applications

The selection and ranking of applicants will be carried out by the jury, which is made up of the Course Coordinator.

The following criteria will be considered when ranking applicants:

  1. Curricular Analysis - graded from 0 to 20 and presented to the nearest decimal place - which will consider:
    1. Research experience, including scientific communications and publications;
    2. Professional activity, courses, internships or other relevant experience.
  2. Individual Interview - graded from 0 to 20 and presented to the nearest decimal place - which will include a brief presentation of the applicants personal and scientific background and will focus on two criteria:
    1. Scientific knowledge, research experience and professional experience;
    2. Motivation, availability, communication skills and interpersonal abilities.
  3. Analysis of the Motivation Letter - graded from 0 to 20 and presented to the nearest decimal place - which should include, where applicable, the intention of the project to be developed.

The final application grade will consider the score obtained in the Curricular Analysis, Individual Interview and Motivation Letter, with the following weighting:

Criterion (expressed on a scale from 0 to 200) Weighting
Curricular Analysis 50%
Individual Interview 40%
Motivation Letter 10%

Application Calendar



25th March to 31st May 2024


25th June 2024


26th June to 3rd July 2024

First Day of Classes

14th October 2024


15 Available vacancies.

Application and Tuition Fee

The Application Fee of the PhD in Medical Sciences will be 195,00€*. This amount is not refundable.

Anual Registration Fee will be 425,00€*

* Fees determined annually in accordance with Tabela de propinas, taxas e emolumentos, in use.

Note: The application fee is non-refundable in situations of cancellation, withdrawal or exclusion of the application.

Apply here

The submission of the application implies the reading of the Course Announcement.

In order to start their application, applicants must:

Register here

After creating the account, applicants will receive the access data in their email. Once they have access data, applicants may proceed to formalise their application on .

If you do not remember your username or password, you should access the email address and follow the instructions to recover your username or password.


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