Digestion and Defense II

11 ECTS / Modular / English

This CU is of the modular type, subsequent of Elective I CU and precedent of Thinking and Doing II CU.

Intended learning outcomes (knowledge, skills and competences to be developed by the students)

  • Main goals

- Acquire and develop knowledge about the 3 main themes of this CU: gastroenterology, medical microbiology and immunology. Focus will be the alterations of the digestive system, acute abdominal pain, and particular aspects, microbiological and immunological, concerning the mechanisms of the digestive tract diseases.

  • Specific goals

- To know and explain the signs and symptoms of the main clinical pictures of gastrointestinal/ hepatic disorders;
- Understand the pathophisiology of the digestive tract, in three topics:

  1. medical microbiology and the use of antibiotics;
  2. the immunology and immunity mediated disorders;
  3. allergy and tolerance;

- Understand and address societal/psychosocial themes like public health, chronic disease monitoring, and screening.



  • Alterations of motility and consequences of gastrointestinal dysmotility
  • Gastrointestinal absorption: causes and consequences of abnormal nutrient absorption
  • Cause and consequence of auto-immunity
  • Microbiological and immunological aspects of major bacterial, viral, parasitological and opportunistic infections and respective clinical presentation
  • Antibiotics and resistence
  • Principles and concepts of immunological tolerance
  • Mechanisms, profiles and most common types of autoimmune disorders
  • Psychosocial and ethical aspects in particular settings (organ transplant, addiction, chronicity)
  • Global aspects of severe infectious diseases; imported diseases.
  • Knowledge of the pathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment, complications, prevention and epidemiology in case of infection (e.g. HIV infection, tuberculosis)
  • Hypersensitivity/allergy (major aspects of diagnostics and treatment).


Assistant Professor
Participation in Católica Medical School Coordination of the curricular unit Digestion and Defense II