Católica Medical School Library hosts "Day to day radiographed" exhibition

Thursday, February 22, 2024 - 12:29
Exposição "Dia a dia radiografado"

In collaboration with the Senior Diagnostic and Therapeutic Technicians - Inês Dias, Cristina Gouveia, Elizabete Simões, Raquel Narciso and Sandra Ferreira - from the Torres Vedras Hospital Imaging Service, Católica Medical School Library is hosting a creative exhibition entitled "Day to day radiographed", which will be on display from February 29 to March 31.

Inspired by the innovative art of renowned photographer Nick Veasey, "Day to day radiographed" offers us a unique view of materials that have been X-rayed, such as hospital supplies, electronic equipment, nature, suitcases, shoes and toys. The exhibition thus reveals impressive details of the constitution of these elements that invite us to explore their components.

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