Final Seminar - Plenary Debate about Ethics and Health Care

Sexta-feira, Dezembro 15, 2023 - 09:00 to 13:00

Católica Medical School invites you to participate in the Final Seminar "Plenary Debate about Ethics and Health Care”, done the Students of the 2nd Year of MIM at Católica Medical School, which will take place on December 15th at 9:00 a.m. at the Católica Medical School Multicare auditorium.

With support of the teachers and tutor´s team: 

Joana Monteiro | José Diogo Martins | Leonor Antunes | Luís Duarte Madeira |Mara de Sousa Freitas |Maria da Cunha | Nelson Gaspar | Sofia Correia | Tatiana Santiago| Teresa Souto Moura 

Ethics and Health Care”, at the beginning of 2nd year of MIM, intends to introduce and explore with students’ what kind of ethical problems/dilemmas may appear on their future clinical practice.  

As we all know, Ethics are a significant part of any career, expressly in medicine. As futures medical doctors our students my understand that to be a good doctor is, undoubtedly, to work with ethics, to pay attention to the other person, their values, and principles, ethics is present in each action of medical practice.  

Future doctors should have ethical skills and ethical sensibility to solve ethical problems/dilemmas, with an accurate examination of a problem/situation, and the ability to govern the best course of action.  

Medical ethics not only distinguish between right and wrong – what is the right action/better answer/the prudence of action -, but also help healthcare professionals to select the greater good in medical situations. 

Topics for presentation and plenary discussion: 

  • Ethics and End of life considerations 
  • Research involving adults with terminal illness 
  • Information required for informed consent 
  • A patient’s right to personal medical information 
  • Respecting patients’ decisions 
  • Physician’s rights  
  • Forced treatment of the mentally ill 

You are all invited to attend this important moment for our students  

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