Personal and Professional Development II

4 ECTS / Annual / English

This CU is transversal in the second year of the curriculum. The CU main goal is to promote the students personal and professional development using information gathered throughout the learning and assessment activities of all CUs, during the curricular year.

Intended learning outcomes (knowledge, skills and competences to be developed by the students)

  1. Monitoring and assessment of the CanMEDS competencies development (medical expert, professional, communicator, collaborator, leader/manager, health advocate and scholar);
  2. Obtain the skills needed to long-life learning, in the framework of personal and professional development, specifically:
  • Gain and maintain insight into the development of their knowledge and skills;
  • Learn how to learn and how to direct their own learning process;
  • Take timely action to solve problem areas;
  • Learn to reflect on their own competence development in order to allow a smooth transition to the clinical phase.



  • Learning experiences resulting from the attendance of 1st Year CU;
  • Analysis and reflection on learning experiences resulting from the frequency of 1st year CU;
  • Communication training and consequent critical reflection on performance with simulated patients (CORE - COnsultation and REflection).


Assistant Professor
Participation in Católica Medical School Coordination of the curricular unit Personal and Professional Development II