Psychopathology and Mental Health

12 ECTS / Modular / English

This CU is of the modular type, is taught 4 times a year to one group of students at a time and comprehends integrated themed lines of study that run throughout the third year and takes precedence Thinking and Doing I and II CU.


Intended learning outcomes (knowledge, skills and competences to be developed by the students)

  • Identify mental problems in patients, including contacts in a somatic setting;
  • Know contents and systematic approach of psychiatric examination and be able to perform this examination (under supervision);
  • Know basic concepts in psychiatric examination and use them correctly when consulting with other care providers and in reports on findings;
  • Ascertain a psychiatric disorder using the basic concepts;
  • Know the main models in mental health care to explain/understand the development/maintenance of mental problems: biological-psychiatric, stress, cognitive-theoretical, system-theoretical;
  • Treatment options in mental health care (based on theoretical models);
  • Know psychopharmaceuticals, draw up pharmacotherapeutic treatment or evaluate existing ones;
  • Know treatment facilities for mental disorders;
  • Write structured reports/report findings in psychiatric patients. This can be a progress report about patient’s state or a case presentation.



The areas covered will be: Psychiatry, Neurobiology, Psychology, Mental Health.

  • Psychiatric disorders;
  • Psychiatric diseases;
  • Epidemiology and international variations;
  • Psychosomatic conditions;
  • Neuropsychological function and investigation;
  • Neurobiological structures, function and foundations;
  • Disturbed behaviour;
  • Psychological and neuropsychological investigations;
  • Psychiatric diagnoses;
  • Identification of mental functions;
  • Perception and memory;
  • Theory of learning;
  • Ageing and psychiatric disorders in elderly people;
  • Psychiatric disorders along the life cycle;
  • Medical ethics;
  • Mental health related legislation;
  • Mental health policies and mental health care organization;
  • Public mental health and global mental health.


Invited Assistant Professor
Participation in Católica Medical School Coordination of the curricular unit Psychopathology and Mental Health