Anatomy is the basis science of the study of the human body, in all educational programs in the health sciences, and dissection is the richest way to materialize this learning.

Starting from the classic concept of anatomical theater and adapting it to the reality of modern anatomy departments, this laboratory was created with 410 square meters, which has several rooms for the preparation of pieces and corpses, preservation rooms with freezing and refrigeration chambers, changing rooms and two dissection rooms for pre and postgraduate education, with eight dissection tables.

All anatomical pieces used, were altruistically donated through the cadaveric donation program, and following all legal and ethical standards that guarantee the dignified treatment of the body.

Our department also promotes the in vivo anatomical study, through anatomical models and through interactive classes with digital supports (3D atlas, digital microscopy…), tutorials and other practical sessions in the field of Embryology and Histology, whose teaching takes place predominantly at the Histology Laboratory  and Microscopy Rooms.



Luís Mascarenhas de Lemos, MD (Coordinator)

Patrícia Caetano da Silva, TSDT (Coordination Assistant)