Webinar | Sono e Acupuntura

Saturday, June 24, 2023 - 14:00
sleeo and acup

Católica Medical School invites you to participate in the Webinar on “Sleep and Acupuncture”, which will take place on June 24, at 2 pm, online.

Medical Acupuncture has been a developed area in recent times, walking more and more along the pillars required of a medicine based on scientific evidence, and proving to be a complementary tool in different medical areas.

In the area of sleep medicine, acupuncture is a useful tool for several reasons. On the one hand, there is an intervention that aims at a general balance of the entire physiology, from a perspective of a whole, harmonizing a cascade of chain reactions, which so often characterize sleep pathology. On the other hand, it works on specific areas that are most often compromised, either by a multifactorial etiology or by a set of characteristic signs and symptoms, which acupuncture influences effectively.

These clinical components (in which acupuncture interferes better) are essentially anxiety control, increased nasal breathing permeability, decreased inflammation of the maxillary and frontal sinuses, relaxation of the mooth muscle system in general, as well as intervention in the muscles of mastication in a more particular way when treating temporomandibular disorders and bruxism, which contribute so much to reducing the pharyngeal perimeter, and/or the adaptive positioning of the mandible, in sleep pathology.

Therefore, it seems to us that we are increasingly in better conditions to discuss/create integrative and complementary protocols in the treatment of sleep disturbances, which presents so much clinical and etiological variability, and in which Acupuncture reveals itself as an excellent aid endowed with scientific confidence.

Join us in this Webinar where we will discuss the role of acupuncture in sleep and sleep disorders, review existing scientific evidence and possible integrative and complementary protocols in the therapeutic approach to sleep disorders.

With the participation of Dr. Hugo Tsou Ferraz.

Moderation: Amélia Feliciano, Susana Falardo and Andreia Cardoso, Coordinators of the Advanced and Postgraduate Sleep Course.

We count on your presence!

The entrance to the event is free, but registration is required through the ONLINE FORM