Maria João Amorim

(from September 2022)



MJ Amorim graduated in Biochemistry at the University of Porto. Her work revolved around biochemistry (1998, Univ. Wageningen, NL), coacervation (1998-2000, ESB, Univ. Católica, PT), phase transitions (2000-2001, Nova Univ., PT), before being awarded a PhD in virology (2002-2007, Univ. of Cambridge, UK, mentored by Prof Paul Digard). After three postdocs in Virology and RNA Biology (NIMR in 2006-2007 and Depts. of Biochemistry in 2007-2009 & of Pathology in 2009-2012 at Univ. of Cambridge, UK), MJ Amorim became a group leader in virology at the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência in 2012. MJAmorim is, since September 2022, Group Leader and Vice-Director at the Católica Biomedical Research Center and Associated Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the Universidade Católica Portuguesa.


*Cell Biology of Viral Infection*

The Amorim Lab investigates how viruses replicate inside their hosts and how organisms respond to viral infections with the goal to control viral challenges. Our main interest is to identify key host factors and pathways for viral replication, as well as virulence determinants impacting viral disease and find antiviral strategies to target them. Our recent work supports that targeting the material properties in biomolecular condensates is a feasible novel antiviral approach, meeting a critical need for alternatives to fight viral infection. 



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