Pre-application period for study mobility to be carried out in 2024/25 within the scope of the Erasmus+ Program

Placement list 

Steps for documenting the mobility period 

1. Call for Pre-Application for Mobility

With dates duly announced on CMS’s website and in a dynamic email to all students eligible to apply for academic mobility (4th, 5th and 6th years at CMS).

2. Pre-Application using the online form – Procedure

The objective of the pre-application process is to determine which students meet the eligibility conditions and ranking criteria defined annually for a period of mobility in the following academic year.

To pre-apply, the student must: 
1st - Fill out the online form;
2nd - Choose the period of mobility you wish to undertake; 
3rd - Indicate your choice of university;

Eligibility conditions
In harmony with European standards and respecting the characteristics of CMS Integrated Master's in Medicine (IMM) study plan, students enrolled in the 3rd , 4th  and 5th years, can apply for CMS Mobility Programs in the academic year prior to the beginning of the mobility.

Students will not be able to undertake a mobility period if they are in a time-barred situation or are in arrears with their tuition fees.

Pre-Application: March 8 to 14, 2024
Placement list: March 15, 2024
Confirmation of acceptance: March 16 to 20, 2024
Application: until April 20, 2024

2 (two)
CMS Erasmus+ Interinstitutional Agreements 

Students will be graded according to the following criteria: 
- Priority for students who have not previously carried out mobility with registered vacancies
- Priority for students in more advanced academic years
- Best average, calculated to the hundredths (weighted by ECTS) of the curricular units already completed - calculated up to the 31.12 of the calendar year in which the academic year ends (Ex: academic year 2023/24, calculation obtained up to the 31.12.2023)

Placement of candidates
Students who are not placed will be included in a list of substitutes, ordered according to the score obtained in the previously predicted ranking.

- The withdrawal of a placed student implies that the corresponding vacancy will be filled by the substitute colleague who wishes, respecting the order of the list of substitutes according to the ranking score.
- Without prejudice to the provisions of the previous paragraph, a student on the list of substitutes may not accept a place offered to them, remaining on the list of substitutes, and having the possibility of choosing a place that results from a subsequent withdrawal.
- After announcing the withdrawal, a period of 2 working days will be given for the substitute student to formalize their desire to fill the vacancy.
- Placed students who give up their place are prevented from applying for Mobility Programs in the following academic year.

Students must confirm that they accept the place, between March 16th and 20th, 2024. Failure to confirm will result in the loss of the place

Nominations with Partner Universities 
After confirmation of acceptance, the appointment of students placed with the respective Host Institutions (IA) will be made. 
After nominations have been sent, students will receive a welcome email from the host institutions,providing the forms to complete the application, as well as useful information about the study plan. The Application Form and Learning Agreement are often provided online. 

3. Applications - Procedure
After placement, the student must formalize their application by taking the following steps: 

1st Step - Prepare a Study Plan Proposal 

The student must meet with the Academic Coordinator of Mobility Programs and prepare a proposed study plan to be followed during their stay abroad. 

To this end, they should check the academic offer made available by the partner institution and take into account: 
- Number of ECTS credits; 
- Working hours; 
- Program contents; 
- Skills acquired. 

The student must contact the host institution to collect the necessary information to complete their proposal (academic year distribution; curricular unit codes; total credits or hours). 

The number of ECTS to be carried out at the host University must respect the following principle: 
- 20 ECTS/trimester (minimum); 40 ECTS/semester (maximum) 
- 60 ECTS/year (maximum) 

In any case, the number of ECTS credits must always be equal to or greater than the number of credits at CMS - from which you are exempted by carrying out the agreed mobility studies. 

2nd Step – Completing and submitting the application form 

The Application must be accompanied by uploading a copy of the following documents into the system: 
- Citizen Card / passport; 
- NIF - Tax Identification; 
- Bank proof of NIB/IBAN; 
- Curriculum Vitae; (Applicable to Erasmus students only; not mandatory; in English and Portuguese) 
- Letter of Motivation;  
- Health Card (CESD) or its request for insurance; (Applicable to Erasmus students only) 

The application will only be complete after the Learning Agreement and Application Form (documents to be made available by the Host Institution) have been submitted.  
The Learning Agreement represents the contract that identifies the study plan to be developed by the student at the Host Institution. 
This contract is only valid after signature by the students, the Academic Coordinator of Mobility and the Host Institution. 

- The distribution of Erasmus Scholarships depends on the attribution and allocation by the different countries according to communication from the National Agency;
The award of scholarships for Mobility Programs is not guaranteed to all students;
- Scholarships will be distributed among students according to the country of destination and in descending order of student placement;
- Students with special needs can apply for additional scholarships. CMS will provide students with all the information necessary to apply for this supplement whenever appropriate;
- Students with socioeconomic difficulties can apply for additional scholarships that aim to ensure the financial quality of the student's mobility. CMS will provide students with all the information necessary to apply for this supplement whenever appropriate;
- If they are not awarded a scholarship, students will be entirely responsible for expenses related to travel, accommodation, transport, and food during the entire mobility period.

Completing the application forms made available by the partner institution, within the deadlines established for this purpose, and accommodation in the destination countries is the sole responsibility of the students;

Useful Information