Evento de Lançamento: CMS Seminars

Quinta-feira, Outubro 20, 2022 - 11:00 to 15:00

CMS Seminars

One of the pillars of Católica University and our Medical School is Science, and ultimely research. In fact, it is part of our medical curriculum the development and execution of a small research project in associated research groups. This seminar series that we are trying to introduce is a way to foster, mobilize and develop the research community and to boost its critical at our medical school. We will invite outside researchers (national and international) to present their most recent data for us to discuss, and hopefully, to contribute for fruitful collaborations. Moreover, our in-house researchers will also have an opportunity to share their findings and discuss them in an open forum with all our medical community (this community includes the teaching staff, researchers and importantly, the students).

20/10/2022 (Quinta-feira, 20 de Outubro 2022)

12h Bruno Cardoso – “CMS seminars, Why?”

12h10’ António Almeida – Introducing CMS

12h20’ Peter Hanenberg – Integrating CMS seminars within the UCP research scope

12h30’ Paulo Bettencourt – CatolicaMed CIIS, the CIIS center @ CMS

12h40’ Pedro Simas – Catolica Biomedical Research Institute

12h50’ Prof. Sobrinho Simões - Clinical Research: From Precision Medicine to Personalized Medicine

14h Coffee break + finger food (light lunch)